Combine Header Augers, Floor Tins & Skid Plates

Combine header augers can be made conventional or upgraded to continuous-feed augers with fingers inserted across the entire length to increase productivity.

Our augers:

  • create a very consistent, faster feeding, smoother flow
  • can easily pick up many varieties of crops
  • help eliminate crop sitting on the cutter bar allowing for cleaner cutting
  • help eliminate the problem of tangled and lodged crops
  • increase productivity
  • have the option of fingers inserted into any make or model – your choice of steel or poly fingers
  • are made to OEM specifications
  • have a heavier and more durable 10-gauge center section


Try us for a much more affordable alternative to original manufacturers!

We also offer floor tins for John Deere and skid plates for John Deere & Case IH. 

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